Pre-School Programs

Newcastle Primary School’s programs for Toddlers and Twos

Our program continues to help your child learn, and will continue to prepare them for the rigors of grade school.

Toddlers and Twos

Toddlers and Twos are natural-born explorers and scientists. The classroom environment is intentionally planned by the teachers with a variety of materials and equipment that encourage children to test their current theories and construct new knowledge. Sensory experiences are an important part of development, as is language acquisition. Teachers support the children by engaging in rich communication and vocabulary building. Developmentally, children at this age are working to be independent. So, independence is supported and encouraged with a variety of sensory experiences to master. Opportunities to develop their social skills are imbedded directly in the environment as children make connections with peers and adults.

Benefits at a glance:

  • High quality, research-based program for all ages
  • Well-trained staff- ongoing professional development
  • Free VPK
  • Exceptional Infant Care – The BabySuite@Newcastle Primary School
  • School-Age programs: Pick up from local elementary schools
  • All meals included

New Castle Primary School can prepare your child for a challenging world ahead!